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Highlights, importance, Uses of our PPTTC :

To Work with the students efficiently and fulfill the objectives of School Education, a teacher should have training in this field. PPTTC Course enables a teacher to have knowledge and its usage in School administration. A Teacher with Our Diploma becomes more Confident, in training the child more effectively.

Highlights, importance, Uses of our PPTTC :

0 Our 6/12 months PPTTC Pre-Primary Teacher Training Course certificate have more demand and it is compulsory to non B.Ed & TTC candidates who want to work at Schools. Govt has made Compulsory to take only trained teachers in Govt. Recognised Schools, Private Schools. 0 Our Certificate holders can register at any employment exchange in India. Our one year PPTTC certificate comes under one Academic year calculation and also for 16 years education record for abroad purpose. PPTTC certificates are useful to fill academic gaps and can improve their teaching skills as well as employment opportunities. Computer Skills. Communicative English. Job assistance to all successful candidates. 0. Other candidates having prior teaching knowledge and experiance without certificate and candidates from other Institutions Čan also Write Our examinations for standard certification. Students database will be uploaded into the websitę of JNNYC-CET for Online Verification.

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